Casual friends or companions may engage in mutually agreeable activities of interest without much residual connection. Dear friends maintain an interest in personal contact over a wide variety of experiences. The differences between these two groups (comrades or associates—hetarios and friends—philo) is elaborated and discussed throughout the Bible. Philo, translated as friend, was originally a description of the association such as friendly or dear, however in usage became the relationship itself. Read more

Life has many hazards and traps that can discourage and confuse the sternest of characters. Disease is a major concern of all, but parents are especially hurt when a child suffers from complicated medical problems. Behavior changes when these known maladies are dealt with, but unexplainable or unaccountable modifications in behavior and speech bring all sorts of speculation for the causes or reasons that brought it on. As if someone or something needs to be blamed for the changes being experienced. Read more

An Annual Reminder
There is a time to remember, reflect and recognize where you’ve been and where you are headed. Married people do this all the time on their anniversary. This is not like a birthday where it’s a celebration of another year passing by – another year older and deeper in debt. There is not much reflection on birthdays until maybe later on in life. Remembering your wedding day however, is remembering the day God joined you together. Read more

Remember Your Father
This time of year is greatly anticipated by students and families everywhere. The daily routines of going to school or work, staying there a while , then going home to get ready to do it again the next day has ended for a time. Vacation time has come! There are certainly those who enjoy the learning process and embrace it and use what they have learned. While there are others who forget what they are supposed to have learned as soon as they leave the classroom. Read more