Sick and in Bed
Not feeling well can be difficult to deal with no matter how old you are. And although feeling ill our daily decisions continue regardless of our health condition. Everyday time tables tick-tock on while one deals with alternating feeling better soon and being so sick you think no one will notice if schedules are missed. However, sickness doesn’t care about your schedules and it seems to know when to flare up and make you feel a little worse whenever you even think about your responsibilities. Read more

Fighting Giants: David’s Other Goliaths
David, the young shepherd boy, in slaying Goliath, the giant of Gath, has long provided God’s people with many lessons of life. One of which is how to face adversity larger than themselves and with God’s help overcoming is assured. This provided a message of confidence in standing for the right and completely destroying the difficulties of life. We see in this that God is not limited by the size and strength of our problems that confront us. Read more

Memorial Day
Remembering things is often difficult. Our memory system is weak. Even though some may claim that they may have a photographic memory time is not their friend. Trying to remember specifics can be challenging. Names and dates sometimes need repetition to recall them properly. God has recognized man’s need for such reminders. Deeds and actions done years ago fade from memory quickly because they are so seldom brought to mind. Acts of bravery, kindness and generosity are fresh but for a short while. Read more

Remember Your Father
As the tender years quickly pass by don’t fail to tell your father of your love for him. He loves to hear your dreams and cares and if you ask him why it may bring tears to your eyes. Fathers’ hearts are such that they want their children to be happy and safe from all the traps and snares of the world that seem so evil. It takes but casual conversation to make images of his children flash before him. Read more