A Happy Heart
Many things must be/are dealt with on a daily basis by all of us such as our jobs, school, community obligations, friends and relatives. These all have their small amount of involvement that contribute to living a life. Priorities have to be in place to have a happy life (A happy heart makes the face cheerful…) because without clear direction of goals confusion can cause distress, conflict and heartache (..but heartache crushes the spirit. Read more

There are times when going to worship services is nice and comfortable, attendance is good, the people are friendly and things seem unlikely to change. Complacency can set in and take root in situations like this making efforts to contact outsiders evaporate into no effort at all. When the attendance numbers are good and thinking that they always will be is a dangerous train of thought. Experience shows that membership is a pendulum that swings high to a comfortable number but inevitably it swings back to a low where nervous despair can set in and work for the Lord gets put aside. Read more

Sift You Like Wheat
There is a mean and anti-Christian temperament that exists and those who would feel proud to stand against moral values and righteousness are vocal and visible. Professing to be godless is not a characteristic looked down upon but rather it seems it is boasted about. The lingering bitterness against the followers of Christ, is prevalent in all areas of society. This is typical of the enemies of God that we read about in the Bible even though it seems like modern-day attitudes. Read more

Take Heed!
Take heed to yourself is a command given in Luke 17:3. And a quick read of the words is recorded for our understanding as we read on to an “important passage on forgiveness”. The focus of attention shifts rapidly from this oft repeated caution as other instructions are dealt with in Luke. Applying our mental brakes to halt and study this opening phrase is relevant to using the teaching that follows it and actually the teaching of the whole the Bible. Read more