Sermons: 2016

Sermon Title Speaker Date
Marriage And the Church Steve Wolfgang 2016-12-11 am
Traditions Steve Wolfgang 2016-12-04 pm
Wicked Men of the Bible Steve Wolfgang 2016-12-04 am
Wicked Women of the Bible Steve Wolfgang 2016-11-27 am
Giving Thanks Steve Wolfgang 2016-11-20 pm
The Spirit of Pentecost Steve Wolfgang 2016-11-20 am
The Greatest Commandment Trevor Copeland 2016-11-13 am
Continuing Evil Steve Wolfgang 2016-11-06 am
Render To Caesar Steve Wolfgang 2016-11-06 pm
Calvinism Steve Wolfgang 2016-10-30 pm
Holy Spirit Steve Wolfgang 2016-10-30 am
Faith Without Works Steve Wolfgang 2016-10-23 pm
Calvinism Steve Wolfgang 2016-10-23 pm
Who Is The Holy Spirit? Steve Wolfgang 2016-10-16 am
Calvinism Steve Wolfgang 2016-10-9 pm
Jesus Invites You To The Feast Steve Wolfgang 2016-10-9 am
Preach The Word Phil Chumbley 2016-10-02 pm
Words Phil Chumbley 2016-10-02 am
Election Steve Wolfgang 2016-09-25 am
The Cross of Jesus David Holder 2016-09-18 pm
God So Loved David Holder 2016-09-18 am
The Incomparable Christ David Holder 2016-09-18 am
Despair To Hope David Holder 2016-09-17 pm
Aging To Purpose David Holder 2016-09-16 pm
Depression To Peace David Holder 2016-09-15 pm
Weakness To Strength David Holder 2016-09-14 pm
Choosing A House of Worship Steve Wolfgang 2016-08-28 am
Questions Steve Wolfgang 2016-08-28 am
The Truth About Lying Part 2 Steve Wolfgang 2016-07-17 am
The Truth About Lying Steve Wolfgang 2016-07-03 am
Gal Chap 4 Ethan Riffle 2016-06-26 am
Gal Chap 3 Ethan Riffle 2016-06-19 am
How Do You Read Steve Wolfgang 2016-06-12 am
Lessons From Apollos Ethan Riffle 2016-06-05 pm
Gal Chap 1 Ethan Riffle 2016-06-05 am
Second Ephesians Steve Wolfgang 2016-05-29 am
What's Your Exit Strategy? David Banning 2016-04-17 pm
One Thing I Do David Banning 2016-04-17 am
Why Aren't My Kids More Spiritually Minded? David Banning 2016-04-16 pm
Why Do We Struggle To Teach The Lost? David Banning 2016-04-15 pm
How Did I Get Here? David Banning 2016-04-14 pm
Make Your Life Matter David Banning 2016-04-13 pm
Christ Centered Marriage Steve Wolfgang 2016-04-10 pm
Pray For This Steve Wolfgang 2016-04-10 am
Words Steve Wolfgang 2016-03-20 am
Gospeling The Kingdom Steve Wolfgang 2016-03-06 am
Examine Yourselves Steve Wolfgang 2016-02-28 am
Psalms Steve Wolfgang 2016-02-07 pm
Who Knows Steve Wolfgang 2016-02-07 am
The Vine Eric Paige 2016-01-31 am
Example Steve Wolfgang 2016-01-10 am