Sermons: Gospel Meetings

Sermon Title Speaker Date
Managing Our Lives as Leaders Rick Liggin 2013-09-25 pm
The Role of Men And Women Rick Liggin 2013-09-25 pm
Leadership: Being A Spiritual Man Rick Liggin 2013-09-25 pm
Wives Supporting Their Husbands Rick Liggin 2013-09-29 am
Mentoring Leadership At Home Rick Liggin 013-09-29 pm
God's Extreme Blueprint For The Family Don Truex 2012-09-26 pm
7th Heaven or Survivor Don Truex 2012-09-27 pm
Parenting By The Book Don Truex 2012-09-28 pm
Dollars And Sense Don Truex 2012-09-29 pm
Honoring Mom And Dad Don Truex 2012-09-30 am
Honoring Our Vows Don Truex 2012-09-30 pm
Work We All Can Do Bubba Garner 2012-04-18 pm
Enthusiasm for Evangelism Bubba Garner 2012-04-19 pm
Dealing with Discouragement Bubba Garner 2012-04-20 pm
Cancers of the Body Bubba Garner 2012-04-21 pm
Attending to the Visitor Bubba Garner 2012-04-22 am
Make Me A Servant Bubba Garner 2012-04-22 am
Every Man Stood In His Place Bubba Garner 2012-04-22 pm
Members That Belong Brian Anderson 2010-10-06 pm
What Is The Purpose Of Your Life? Brian Anderson 2010-10-07 pm
Proper Priority Focus and Perspective Brian Anderson 2010-10-08 pm
What Are My Parents Trying To Do To Me? Brian Anderson 2010-10-09 pm
Satan's Three Fold Plan To Ruin Your Life Brian Anderson 2010-10-10 am
What Must I Do To Inherit Eternal Life? Brian Anderson 2010-10-10 am
Unanswered Prayers Brian Anderson 2010-10-10 pm
Apostate Movements In The Church Dan King 2019-04-21 pm
Distinctive or Indistinguishable? Dan King 2010-04-22 pm
My Will And the Will of God Dan King 2010-04-23 pm
The Role of Women In the Church Dan King 2010-04-24 pm
The AD 70 Doctrine Dan King 2010-04-25 am
Drifting Away Dan King 2010-04-25 am
The Home Church Movement Dan King 2010-04-25 pm
The Erosion Of A Life Bruce Reeves 2009-10-21 pm
Letting Go Of Anger Bruce Reeves 2009-10-22 pm
I Am Not Ashamed of The Gospel Bruce Reeves 2009-10-23 pm
The Fall of Judas Bruce Reeves 2009-10-24 pm
Glorifying God in Grief Bruce Reeves 2009-10-25 am
What Do I Do With My Burdens Bruce Reeves 2009-10-25 am
The Power Of Influence Bruce Reeves 2009-10-25 pm
Son Of Encouragement (Acts 4) Alan Yeater 2009-05-06 pm
Faith, Hope, and Holiness Alan Yeater 2009-05-07 pm
Who is this (Luke 7)? Alan Yeater 2009-05-09 pm
Knowing God Alan Yeater 2009-05-10 am
Feeling Forsaken By God (Psalm 22) Alan Yeater 2009-05-10 pm
What If Jesus Came To Your House? John McPherson 2008-10-22 pm
Marriage Safeguards John McPherson 2008-10-23 pm
Seasons Of Life John McPherson 2008-10-24 pm
The Love Of God John McPherson 2008-10-25 pm
Thy Will Be Done John McPherson 2008-10-26 am
What Parents Should Teach Their Children? John McPherson 2008-10-26 am
Set Your Life In Order John McPherson 2008-10-26 pm
Harmony Among God's People Don Truex 2008-04-23 pm
Living G Rated Lives in an R Rated World Don Truex 2008-04-24 pm
Becoming The Person I Need To Be Don Truex 2008-04-25 pm
Seeing Through The Eyes of Others Don Truex 2008-04-26 pm
Seeing Through The Eyes of The Lost Don Truex 2008-04-27 am
Loving A God Who Loves His People Don Truex 2008-04-27 am
Redefining "Church" Don Truex 2008-04-27 pm
Jeremiah,  You Lied! Robert Harkrider 2007-10-03 pm
Are We Consistent on Authority? Robert Harkrider 2007-10-04 pm
Tradition Bound or Non-Traditional Robert Harkrider 2007-10-05 pm
A Sin Most Often Overlooked Robert Harkrider 2007-10-06 am
What It Means To Be A Christian Robert Harkrider 2007-10-06 pm
Confident Expectations Brian Anderson 2007-04-26 pm
What Peter Didn't Say Brian Anderson 2007-04-27 pm
The Road to Emmaus Brian Anderson 2007-04-29 am
I Died Last Night Brian Anderson 2007-04-29 am
Throwing Jonah Overboard Brian Anderson 2007-04-29 pm
What Is Creation Science? Don Patton Fall 2006
Evolution and Laws of Science Don Patton Fall 2006
How Old Is the Earth? (Part 1) Don Patton Fall 2006
How Old Is the Earth? (Part 2) Don Patton Fall 2006
The Record of the Rocks (Part 1) Don Patton Fall 2006
The Record of the Rocks (Part 2) Don Patton Fall 2006
Noah's Ark Don Patton Fall 2006
The Nature of Faith Don Patton Fall 2006
What Does The Fossil record Reveal? (Part 1) Don Patton Fall 2006
What Does The Fossil record Reveal? (Part 2) Don Patton Fall 2006